Bore Dia Series Motor H. P. Stage
200mm(V8) Radial Flow 10.0 to 85.0 3 to 18
200mm(V8) Mixed Flow 10.0 to 85.0 2 to 15


  • Requires very little space.
  • Eliminates the need for elaborate foundations and Pump house arrangements.
  • Noiseless running of the motor.
  • Economy in operation due to high overall efficiency.
  • Can be installed and removal, especially in deep boreholes.
  • Suitable for sites where a pump house is not desired or cannot be built.
  • Pumping system can be made fully automatic.
  • Very Sturdy motor, insensitive to voltage fluctuation, unlike normal electric motors.
  • Reduced H.P. Losses due to transmission.
  • No contamination of water by oil or grease.
  • Copper rotors.
  • High Operating efficiency.


  • Municipal water supply
  • Agricultural Pump Manufacturers
  • Industrial Mining Pump India
  • submersible pump set manufacturer
Submersible Pumps India

200 MM(V8) Mix Flow Pumpset

Submersible Pumps India

200 MM(V8) Redial Flow Pumpset

Material of construction – Pump

   Part Name         Material
Check valve Housing C.I
Impeller Bronze/Gun-Metal / SS – Fabricated /SS Cast
Diffuser C.I
Pump Shaft S. S. 410 / 431
Suction Case C. I.
Coupling S.S.410

Material of construction – Motor

       Part Name        Material
Upper & Lower Housing C.I
Stator Shell S.S.304
Shaft S.S.-410/431/Carbon steel C 45.
Journal Bush Leaded Bronze
Thrust Assembly S. S. & Impregnated Carbon

V8 Submersible Pump Set Manufacturer

DELITE Submersible manufacturer and export” DELITE “brand V-8 Submersible Pumps, submersible water pumps, well pumps, submersible irrigation pumps, irrigation water pumps, Water Pressure Pump, stainless steel submersible pumps and pump sets in India.

DELITE’S V-8 bore hole submersible pumps which have been designed after many years of field experience, designing and excellence in engineering, which has resulted into a product which gives huge range of solution to most complicated and critical application. These pumps are accessible in radial and mixed flow appropriate for extensive assortment of heads and flow rate.

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